Jobs: Art History Teacher

We are currently looking for academics in the field of Art History to help develop and deliver content to our students.  The topics we wish to teach focus less on the traditional linear narrative of art history and more on comparative surveys of various topics (for instance, "the history of portraiture", or "the history of the relationship of the artist to state/church/society"), in order to make the content as relevant and stimulating as possible for our practical art students.  Content will be delivered through lectures and tutorials.  

The teacher we are looking for should have a minimum of a Masters degree in a relevant field, would have sufficient depth of knowledge of art history to flesh out and bring to life the comparative surveys described above, and must be passionate about making students engage with the material and think for themselves.  English is the language of tuition at this institution, so fluency in English is required.  A sympathy for the relevance of representational art in the contemporary visual arts is important.

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If you fit our requirements and want to be part of this new adventure, please contact our Academic Director Scott Breton , he will be happy to answer any questions you may have and arrange a meeting.

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