This course is designed to consolidate or introduce the core observational sculpture techniques and knowledge. It has an emphasis on materials, techniques, fundamental principles and safe studio practices.

Course structure and content:

It covers the major techniques and spatial strategies required in clay work, such as wedging, joining, pinching, coiling, and slabbing, as well as the techniques of building a figurative sculpture and the use of surface marking in figurative work. Possibilities of various surfaces and finishes will be discussed. Students will be guided through exercises on the basic forms and anatomy of the body. Students will engage in both sculpture projects and small, workshop-type assignments and will examine contemporary and historical artists in order to develop a deeper vocabulary and understanding of material processes. The course will introduce mould making and casting.

Learning Objectives:

At the completion of the course, students will: *Demonstrate via in-class art assignments the ability to employ the elements and principles of 3-dimensional form through various media; *Establish the necessary processes and techniques required to advance in the sculpture field; *Develop a habit of safe use of tools, equipment, and materials, and; *Describe the development and meaning of their artwork in critical terms.