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Ana Blanco Martinez

Director of TIAC Academy

After five years of activity, TIAC group is proud to present the TIAC Academy - a dream come true. In the birth city of the Renaissance, we have been developing a comprehensive system of arts education for representational artists .

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What and Who:

TIAC Academy is a fine-arts school with branches in Florence, Italy and Beijing, China

It was founded by the TIAC Association which aims to champion, develop and invest in art education programmes that enrich and create artistic careers and educational opportunities.

Bachelor Programmes:

We offer 2 level of workshops: Master Workshops and Core Level workshops.

We are also working on a Bachelor of Fine Arts in painting and sculpture accredited by EABHES.


Educational Philosophy:

Our school employs an innovative educational structure based on a defined and articulated philosophy.


We are looking for:

Students with an aptitude for drawing and composition who wish to become professional representational painters and sculptors, or work in fields such as art education or movie/games industry that rely on the same knowledge.


Do not hesitate to contact us.