This course is designed to consolidate or introduce the core observational painting techniques and knowledge. It has an emphasis on materials, techniques, fundamental principles and safe studio practices.

Course Contents and Structure:

Students will explore the fundamentals of light falling on form through a sequential course covering geometric form, still life subject and the human figure in both monochrome and colour. The course will cover some of the core techniques of painting (glazing, layering, impasto, alla prima, and others). The course will cover on the fundamentals of tone, and blending colours. Technical demonstrations and short writing projects will complement the studio work. The works created during the course will utilise subjects from observation and imagination, applying design and composition principles, and drawing skills.

Learning Objectives:

At the completion of the course, student will: *Be able to build painting supports; *Be able to stretch, size and prepare a canvas surface; *Have improved their perceptual skills, and developed a working ability to critically analyse works in progress and following completion; *Have an expanded vocabulary concerned with the organisation and analysis of works of Art.