This course builds on the 1st semester course "Introduction to Design and Composition", further helping the student arrange the different elements of an artwork into a relationship satisfactory to their themes.

Course Content and Structure:

This course will continue the emphasis on the principles of design, in particular the categories of line, value, and colour, and the principles of spatial composition. It will go into greater depth in each of the phases of the image orchestration process: Inspiration, Exploration, Execution, Resolution, as the student goes through the process of creating their own images over the course of the semester. Students will also be introduced to the elements of design and compositional process particular to the 4 Master Studio themes, that will be experienced practically in the concurrently running course "Painting Studio Major Practise".

Learning Objectives:

At the completion of this course, students will: *Have developed their ability to engage in the artistic process, including conception, creation, and ongoing critical analysis; *Demonstrate an ability to present and discuss art research through writing and discussions; *Gain experience in presenting, documenting and writing about artwork; *Be able to identify and analyse the formal elements of a particular art form using vocabulary appropriate to that form; *Demonstrate an understanding of the relationship between artistic technique and the expression of a work’s underlying concept.