This course builds upon the Semester 1 course "Drawing Essentials".

Course structure and Content:

Students will continue to practise the drawing skills and apply the knowledge gained through the previous semester, both through weekly short pose and weekly long pose life drawing.

Learning Objectives:

At the completion of the course, the student will have refined and improved the same skills and knowledge as the Semester 1 course "Drawing Essentials" and with the assistance of tonal painting, anatomical studies, and principles of composition undertaken in other subjects of Semester 1. In particular they will: *Have developed basic skills and better knowledge of drawing and composition in space; *Have deepened their engagement with the integral relationship between the drawing process and the fundamental elements and principles of art; *Analyse and draw a variety of subjects from observation and imagination, and; *When given a problem, determine the strategies that would be necessary to solve it with the help of drawing via experimentation.