The purpose of this course is for students to deepen their knowledge of anatomy relevant to the artist, and in this semester the focus will be on the skeleton. The knowledge introduced during the basic écorché section of the Semester 1 course "Drawing Essentials" will be reinforced and deepened.

Course structure and Content:

This course covers the anatomy of the skeleton in detail through the process of a half life size écorché. The Soft tissues will not be covered during this course, but in Semester 3 in Anatomy for Artists 2. The 3D study of anatomy in the écorché course will be undertaken with reference to the Old Masters, and the particular ways that anatomy was simplified and stylised for artistic purpose.

Learning objectives:

At the completion of the course, students will: *Gain competency in identifying and drawing accurate proportional relationships within the figure, based on key anatomical landmarks; *Gain a deep knowledge of the 3D structure of the skeleton and how it relates to living figure; *Be thoroughly prepared for the laying in of the soft tissues in the Semester 3 Anatomy for Artists II.