Having chosen one of the 4 sculpture Master Studios to work in during Semester 2, the student will enter this studio and execute a number of projects under the guidance of a teacher specialising in that theme.

Course Structure:

The skills and knowledge developed in Semesters 1 and 2 around design principles, creative process, drawing, anatomy and sculpture will be put into practise within the theme and approach of the chosen Master Studio. This is an experiential professional practice studio with an emphasis on design, and realisation of art projects in collaboration with peer artists and the studio teacher. Students will immerse in the technical, conceptual and aesthetic approach of the studio theme they have chosen, and use this to develop sculptures. Students will have a 3 week provisional period in which to change their mind about which studio they want to be in.

Learning Objectives:

After completion of the course, students will: *Have refined and specialised their studio practice, *Developed a rigorous and introspective studio practice, both individually and collaboratively; *Develop the ability to be involved in critical discussions about one’s own work and that of other artists; *Develop the ability to visually articulate content and meaning through form; *Understand themselves and their aesthetic preferences in the context of the practice of art.