In this course students explore concept-based learning through visual problem solving while accumulating techniques and skills in a variety of sculpture projects. The course will include the study of historical and contemporary examples of sculpture and other relevant forms of art.

Course Structure and Content:

The course will offer a sequence of investigations exploring the space and place that sculptural work exists: lectures and discussions will provide a contemporary art historical context for each investigation. In this course students will: *Use a variety of 3-dimensional materials, techniques, processes and concepts to make sculptural objects. *Create sculptures using the additive, subtractive, cast or replacement and manipulative methods of construction. *Use the formal elements of 3-dimensional space (like line, shape, mass and volume, light and shade, texture and colour in space) to make sculptural objects. *Demonstrate planning and patience in carrying through a project in multi-step system while maintaining the integrity of the work area.

Learning Objectives:

*Explore, fabricate and gain significant skills in sculpture; *Learn about historical through to contemporary sculpture theory through reading, research and class discourse; *Develop the ability to critically analyse sculptural works of art both verbally and through written assignments; *Produce intermediate level sculpture that translate ideas into material forms.