Students will develop sculpture projects within the approach of the Master Studio that that they joined in Semester 3, combining skills and knowledge from the composition, design and process courses (purple line) from Semesters 1 to 3 with their experience in the Master Studio process to conceive and execute projects of a more independent nature.

Course Structure and Content:

This course is a space where sculptors engage with the creative process in their artworks, focus on problem-solving methods, explore the limits of media and the links between them and better define their personal visions. The course aims to foster reflective practice, creativity and the ability to work independently. Students will be guided by the teacher to better define their personal visions. In the course of conceiving of and executing painting compositions within the theme of their Master Studio, students will face issues and will apply strategies valid in multiple areas and approaches to visual art. These issues will be explored through examples, exercises, group critiques, and a one-on-one meetings with the instructor. Students will develop distinctive concept statements and then create and refine designs that manifest that concept, applying creative ideas to creating sculptures.

Learning Objectives:

After the completion of the course, students will: *Be able to demonstrate a working knowledge of visual art and composition principles, terms and practice through successful creative visual artworks, through verbal critiques and discussions of form; *Demonstrate an understanding of creative process, including graphic and concept development in response to assigned challenges; *Demonstrate creative problem-solving skills.