This studio course is a continuation of the pictorial problems and material techniques of Semester 1 course Painting Fundamentals. Focussing on more complex and varied subject matter, media and concepts, but within the context of the Master Studio theme that the student has chosen to follow.

Course Structure and Content:

This course makes special emphasis on the development of creative, individualised approaches to materials and content. The students will create a portfolio of paintings that demonstrates the ability to produce paintings with an intermediate understanding of the physical properties and working characteristics of a variety of paints, pigments and mediums; studying deeply oil painting techniques and methods. The focus will be on human figures using different approaches to life painting.

Learning Objectives:

After the completion of the course, students will be able to: *Identify and solve intermediate pictorial problems related to traditional and contemporary representational painting methods, materials, and concepts; *Produce paintings based on individual interpretation of topical assignments and problems; *Demonstrate a working knowledge of the physical and working properties of raw pigments, binders, and paint-making techniques; *Evaluate paintings orally and in writing using correct terminology related to concepts, materials and techniques; *Critique finished paintings; *Understand and apply all safety rules and precautions related to the handling, storage and disposal of all painting materials and residues.