In this course, students will continue the process (from Sculpture Intermediate and other courses) of working from life with increasing emphasis on creative personal response within the process and technique. Importantly, we will be aiming to do this while maintaining excellence of craftsmanship, defined here as the application of care, judgment, and dexterity in carrying out themes.

Course structure and content:

This subject is running concurrently with Final Project - Sculpture Portfolio (which demands the student develop a theme entirely of their own), and it provides a space in which students can continue to develop their technique and creative interpretation without being so responsible for the whole set up. Unlike the course Final Project - Sculpture Portfolio, the teacher will provide set subjects or advise students in their subject matter, in order to allow them to focus specifically on applying technique - in ways that create meaning for the student. This course is structured to develop students’ individual potential in sculpture and to expand their capabilities for analysis and self-direction, within the more specific area of technical choices.

Learning objectives:

After the completion of the course, students will: *Demonstrate understanding of the varied technical aspects of building a sculpture competently and the use of various sculpture techniques and competencies, and exhibit professionalism in the presentation of work for exhibitions; *Be able to cohesively articulate thoughts about their work in an artist statement; *Develop consistent studio work habits by producing multiple weekly short term and as well as larger, long term sculptures.