Academic Writing is designed to develop and sharpen academic and professional writing skills and strategies, and will prepare students for writing their Thesis as part of their final project portfolio.

Course Structure and Content:

Students will be dealing with ways of structuring what they want to express and phrasing points as efficiently as possible. Topics that will also be covered include: how to build arguments, discuss different types of relationships, paraphrase and discuss sources, and make comparisons and contrasts. This course aims to cultivate selected print and digital literacies necessary for successful written communication in academic, professional, and workplace settings where students may interact with fellow experts in artistic disciplines. In this course, students will read, discuss, and write about popular and professional texts related to the art field. During the course the students will write well-structured paragraphs, adopting the correct terminology and vocabulary, and use the necessary markers and sentence constructions to produce a coherent text.

Learning Objectives:

After the completion of the course, students will be able to: *Question and critique text content, rhetorical structure, and the authors' purposes; *Apply genre awareness by understanding texts, contexts, and the roles of readers and writers; *Demonstrate efficient planning, drafting, revision, and editing strategies; *Reproduce selected artistic and professional genres, including digital texts, summaries, abstracts, and critical reviews; *Provide helpful feedback to fellow writers on their developing texts.