A bachelor thesis is an individually written academic work under the supervision of a bachelor thesis supervisor, in which students apply the theoretical knowledge they have acquired during their bachelor. Students are free to choose the theme of their thesis however it has to be related with their portfolio art work.

Course structure and content:

Students who are in their third year will receive an invitation to fill in the Bachelor Thesis form in October. On this form they have to fill in their thesis topic and preferred thesis supervisor. It is the student’s responsibility to find their own supervisor. Students make an appointment with their thesis supervisor to determine a plan of action for writing the thesis. For thesis-related questions, the thesis supervisor is the main point of contact. For any other questions of programme matters, students can turn to the academic advisor. The bachelor thesis consists of an introduction, a research question, theory and background literature, methodology, results, interpretation, discussion and conclusion.

Learning objectives:

A student who has written a bachelor thesis, is able to: *Formulate a research question, collect, select, process, analyse, interpret and assess, relevant data to answer the research question; *Apply the theoretical knowledge and methodological skills learned in the previous years in order to answer the research question through argumentative writing; *Make a synthesis of the results and conclusions of a scientifically conducted research and to communicate the conclusions accessibly and adequately in writing.