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Address from Ana Blanco Martinez

TIAC Academy Director 

After five years of activity, TIAC group is proud to present the TIAC Academy - a dream come true. In the birth city of the Renaissance, we have been developing a comprehensive system of arts education for representational artists . The first intake of these programs will begin September 2019.

The TIAC Academy will enhance its growing impact in the art world by creating an international hub for artists, enriching the world artistically through the excellence of our alumni, as well as our events and collaborative influence.

Market trends and art education institutions do not give representational art the importance we believe it deserves. 

This is why we have created two European Bachelor programmes for young artists interested in developing their skills and pursuing a career in the arts. 

We have designed our academy's formula to integrate an Artists' Atelier and the Fine Arts Academy, where our students can benefit from a thorough exploration of theory accompanied by extensive practical experience, according to our unique method and philosophy. 

We believe it is the moment to enhance our international network and reach new areas around the world where the voice of TIAC is needed.  That same voice that brought us all so far, speaking no language other than that of art, hard work and creativity.  

Please do not hesitate to contact us, so we can explore together the potential paths for a collaboration providing a high quality art training and education.