Career Services

TIAC Academy bachelor programs include practical skills training relevant to productivity, management and promotion as a fine artist, including:

  1. Compulsory Second language study

  2. Communication skills (confident, civil, and earnest presentation or dialogue about artwork and related)

  3. Self-Management skills

  4. Elective topics in arts industry related topics, such as fundamentals of teaching, curation, and how to organise, promote and run an exhibition.


TIAC Academy staff also assists students and alumni with job search strategies and will suggest contacts, lectures, courses or workshops that provides the tools needed to plan and accomplish career goals. From determining career paths and proper positioning in the marketplace, as well as learning how to write a résumé and handle the interview process.

Some of the paid and unpaid opportunities for students and alumni graduated with excellence include:

o  Teaching Assistantships in TIAC Academy or other institutions that collaborate with TIAC Academy

o  Internship Opportunities within Administrative Departments – Admissions, Library …

o  Local Area Artist Assistantships

o  Project Coordinator Assistant in Master Workshops


*More services will be provided to students at the end of the graduation year.