Chinese Oil Painting Academy - Gaobeidian, Beijing 

Chinese Oil Painting Academy 

Chinese Oil Painting Academy was founded in September 2007 as a new department of Chinese Art Research Institute with the mission of developing oil paint research, education and innovation. 


The old furniture manufacturing town of Gaobeidian has been transformed into a cultural and creative industrial park. After years of renovation and works, in the last decade Gaobeidian has reborn as an up-and-coming area for museums, galleries and other creative organisations and companies. Located in the South East of Beijing, right inside the fifth ring road, Gaobeidian is now home to Ju Xian Tang Culture and Art Exchange Center, Hua Sheng Tian Qiao Folk Culture Park, Chinese Oil Painting Academy, China Liang Hu Museum, and Imperial Examinations Museum, among other institutions. 



Chinese Academy of Oil Painting, No. 1704 Traditional Chinese Culture Street, Gaobeidian, Chaoyang District, Beijing City, 100124