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This course provides undergraduate students with basic knowledge, skills and strategies for teaching art.

Course Structure and Content:

Students will understand what it takes to be an effective art teacher, able to comprehend learners’ needs, as well as to empathise, to communicate and to transmit passion for the subject. They will also gain insights on how artistic competences can be trained while nurturing learners’ interdisciplinary awareness and curiosity.

Students will get a broad perspective on art teaching, exploring its diverse possibilities as a means of both individual expression and of interpersonal, social and intercultural communication. During the course, they will get ideas how to develop curricula, to favour a positive and pleasant learning environment, to give instructions, to monitor and to assess learners. They will dig into trends in nowadays’ education (social constructivist theories, student-centred approaches), and be involved in practical activities connected to them. This course aims at guiding students in discovering more professional development resources and possibly in opening up to opportunities in art education.

Learning Objectives:

After completion of the course, students will be: *Able to critically understand cognitive, motivational and social aspects implied in learning and teaching; *Aware of a variety of approaches in nowadays’ education; *Able to choose the most effective teaching strategies to cultivate artistic sensitivity and skills in different kinds of learners.