The BA program in Painting acknowledges the contemporary transformations that are blurring the traditional borders between fine art disciplines from old masters and concepts of today. The program reinterprets and expands the traditional academic approach to painting and visual arts by encouraging experimentation with a full array of contemporary themes.

On the theoretical side,  students will gain a sound knowledge of art history and liberal art perspectives, and study the dynamics and values of the classical painting aspects, such as old master inspiration and composition, as well as materials and techniques. Students will learn visual and aesthetic vocabularies for working with their own body of art, and explore the connection of art to its broader social context.

On the practical side, students will learn in dept skills in painting, drawing, composition design, and have some general exploration of other media—and students will put those skills to work in project assignments spanning a variety of environments and methods. Faculty mentors will guide students in finding their individual voices as a visual artist and charting their personal artistic paths.  Students will have the chance to exhibit the artistic works that produce in class, to have a real taste of professional artists, so that they can develop their skills in self-promotion, communication, and organisation in order to gain easier access to the professional world.