Daniella Serrano

Painting Materials, Old Masters Techniques, and Painting Restoration

Daniella Serrano is a Painting Conservator, born in Colombia in 1988. Since a young age she was interested in Art techniques and was therefore encouraged to move to Spain to study Fine Arts, where she received an MA degree at the Miguel Hernandez University in 2011. Her passion for Art Conservation started while she was attending the University of Seville, studying theoretical and practical aspects of conservation and restoration. Shortly after, she moved to Florence and was accepted to the prestigious Scuola di Alta Formazione dell'Opificio delle Pietre Dure, where she graduated with an MA degree in conservation of the professional training courses PFP2  (Paintings of wood and textile supports; Wooden polychrome sculpture, artefacts, furniture and composite organic objects; Polymaterial contemporary artefacts).  

During the time she was attending school, she had the chance to study and treat numerous kinds of paintings dating from XIII- XIX, and was able to work alongside experts in the field at the Museo Nacional del Prado, and institutions in Paris and Italy, which gave her a broad view in regards to diverse conservation methods.

In May 2017 she founded The European Art and Conservation Research Association, to create educational opportunities and expand communication between Art Conservators, Artists and Art enthusiasts.

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