Lynn Guo

President of Board of Directors


As a co-founder and artist, Lynn started TIAC with a group of same-minded, talented individuals who have come together to make a difference for themselves and others. The mission and goals of TIAC has been set since day one: to provide a range of services, support and opportunities to help those pursuing careers in the arts and to fulfil their potentials.


Lynn was born in Inner Mongolia, in a beautiful little town near the border between China and Mongolia. Due to the impact of the Chinese Cultural Revolution and subsequent suppression of the arts, art was one of the abandoned subjects of her parents’ generation, she was encouraged to pursue a more formal education and worked in the corporate environment. Her passion for fine art developed from a very young age, though it wasn’t until years later after emigrating to Australia and pursuing formal art educations and mentorships in Italy, that her attraction to art was fully explored and realised. Lynn has been working as a professional painter, art teacher & entrepreneur since then. Lynn thinks she has the best job in the world, that through working in TIAC, she is able to travel and connect arts, culture, wellbeing and philanthropy, and best of all, has the opportunity to spend her time working with the most wonderful minds.