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3 Year European Degree Program in Painting or Sculpture

Tradition: remixed

representational Fine Art Sculpture or Painting

Intensive skills training workshops and master workshops


Core Level

Core Level workshops focus on the techniques and skills relevant for representational painters and sculptors. This includes anatomy, cast studies and working from life. Some workshops are beginner level and some are high level training on more advanced skills.

Master Level

Master Level workshops offer artist the opportunity to learn from living contemporary masters. Students learn the master’s technique, and philosophy while being enriched from working among artists from all around the world. Portfolio review and artistic mentoring is an important component of TIAC Master Level Workshops.

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Coming up soon

Bachelor of Fine Arts

The bachelor of fine arts offers a hybrid of Atelier-style skills and theory training with university-level liberal arts philosophy, art history and social sciences. The theoretical courses are structured in such a way to be maximally stimulating and beneficial for students training to become professional painters and sculptors.

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Coming Up: Odd Nerdrum Master Workshop (Florence, 4th to 9th of Nov 2019)

TIAC Academy will host Odd Nerdrum Painting Workshops from the 4th to the 9th of November 2019 in Via Luna 8r.


Exhibition: Somewhere In Time (Shanghai Nov 2018)

A collaboration between TIAC and the Institute of Cultural and Creative Industry saw 10 artists do a residency and group exhibition in Shanghai recently.

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Spanish Masters Workshop (Madrid/Barna April 2019)

Coming up in early April 2019, TIAC offers artists the chance to study with two great contemporary masters in Madrid and Barcelona respectively.


We want to help talented individuals realise their highest potential in conceiving, creating and delivering meaningful artwork to the world.



Odd Edoy

“My participation in Odd Nerdrums workshops at TIAC in Florence proved to be an amazing experience. It was very inspirational and educational to witness such a master at work. TIAC has provided artists from many countries a platform to meet other artists from all around the world. My sincere gratitude to the staff at TIAC for their fantastic work.”



“During the workshop, I found a sort of magic atmosphere, it’s been a great experience to meet Odd Nerdrum in person, he is an inspiration for me and for my art. I’m happy ‘cause I had the possibility to meet a lot of people from all over the world, was an honor to paint and share my art with all of them. I would like to thank all of you for believing in art and Artists, you make a great job! Was a privilege to meet people like you, I really feel part of your community”. 


Ayuesh Agarwal

"I was incredibly lucky to have attended the master workshop with Golucho and Odd Nerdrum at TIAC. The workshops exceeded all of my hopes and expectations. The teachers were really generous with their time giving critiques, demos, portfolio reviews providing the ultimate educational experience. The unique aspect of the workshop I felt was the environment. And not because it's Florence, but because I never imagined I would meet so many incredible artists from so many different cultures and countries under one roof. It was gratifying, insightful and humbling. What made the workshop exponentially rich and enjoyable was the TIAC team who were very welcoming, friendly and cared sincerely for every attendee. Most importantly, I felt a part of the team and a supportive community rather as if I was attending a workshop. The entire atmosphere was really magical and fulfilling for me. And I'm certain it was more than a workshop for everyone else. Hopefully, I get the opportunity to attend again. TIAC workshops are the way to go."

Judith Peck studio.jpg

Judith Peck

"TIAC gathered together a wonderful international group of masterful artists and created an atmosphere of sharing, respect and generosity in their workshop and exhibition with Odd Nerdrum in the most amazing setting, Florence."

Barbara Boetcher

“The workshop in TIAC with Golucho was really amazing! I’ve learned a lot and the atmosphere during the class was great. Very well organized!”

The Odd Nerdrum Painting Master Workshop 2018

Glenn Vilppu Drawing Master Workshop 2018