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Learning a second language is a highly valuable skill, providing opportunities for employment and collaboration that would not otherwise exist. Students of TIAC Academy are required to achieve a language competence level of B2 by the end of their 3 year studies. To this end, Italian language study is compulsory for all students not already at this level from the beginning of Semester 1.

Also, Italian is an important language in many cultural domains. In literature, painting, music, architecture: the Italian identity plays a prominent role in many arenas. Great names such as Dante, Monteverdi, Michelangelo and Da Vinci have had a huge stamp on the cultural development of Western civilisation.

Content and Structure:

This higher level of study is offered in order to cater to those with prior experience or who already speak a language such as Spanish or French which makes it much faster to learn Italian.

This course is addressed to students who possess some prior knowledge and skills in Italian language (at least full A1 level of the Common European Framework).
Participants will strengthen their abilities in oral and written comprehension, production and interaction. They will make progress not only in their fluency but also in their grammar accuracy. In addition, they will enrich their vocabulary, with a special focus on semantic fields linked to arts and culture.

Students will acquire language competences through individual and group tasks.

Learning Objectives:

After the completion of the course, students will feel more confident and accurate when using Italian language, both in written tasks and in live situations. This will provide them with broader chances to discover many different connotations of Italian life and culture, as well as to participate in local events and to interact with Italian speakers in a variety of different contexts, both informal and formal.

In-class activities and homework assignments can be customised by participants to address their own specific needs.