TIAC Academy & The Beijing Yi Shang Yi Art Foundation Provide

Expected of the artist


In order to provide opportunities to emergent artists and to create spaces of intercultural exchange, The Beijing Yi Shang Yi Art Foundation in collaboration with TIAC Academy want to offer to one artist a 4- week Landscape Painting Trip in different locations in Italy.

The Beijing Yi Shang Yi Art Foundation is a private foundation established in July 2016 with the support of the famous oil painting artist and educator Mr. Qi Shangyi, approved by the Beijing Civil Affairs Bureau in July 2016. The foundation aims to funding and fostering artistic talents with good professionalism and development potential, which need to continue to expand and enhance their professional capabilities, creating more exhibition opportunities and platforms for outstanding artistic talents, supporting outstanding art activities, art exhibitions and art exchanges that promote the development of art, and carry out the popularization of art in various forms, promoting the research and development of art theory and giving excellent theorists financial support, and carry out project cooperation and exchanges with other art institutions and art foundations.

This opportunity is open to representational artists all over the world and will provide the selected artist the chance travel across some of the most beautiful places in Italy along with a group of 10 Chinese Artists.


Remboursement for flight to and from Italy





Final exhibition in TIAC Academy, Florence