FACIL Bridge Program is a formal partnership program between TIAC Association and TIAC Academy and is directly connected to Turandot Art Studio, the Education Department of TIAC Association. The Studio takes its name from the Marco Polo/Turandot Program, an intergovernmental program between Italy and China, and is dedicated to the preparation of the Chinese art students (coming through that Program) for their admission tests at Italian art and design academies and public music schools. 

The aim of FACIL Program is to provide students with a high technical preparation in specific artistic subjects such as Modern and Contemporary Art History, Anatomy, Life Drawing with Model and Installations. These subjects have been chosen since they play a crucial role in the development of the main artistic careers. The Bridge Program also includes the course of Italian Language for Art, designed for those students who have a basic knowledge of the language (minimum level A1 of the CEFR*), to help them meet the language requirements of the Italian fine arts academies and to pass their admission tests. The aim of the language course is to teach a comprehensive understanding of the Italian language as well as basic skills in reading, writing, listening and speaking. 

FACIL includes 280 contact hours and 180 hours for out-of-classroom activities to spend in museums, art galleries, churches and any other art-related places of Florence and Italy. 


*Common European Framework of Reference for Languages