TIAC Academy believes in giving educational opportunities to talented students, which is why scholarships are offered to students every year.

The Scholarship is a merit-based award offered on an ongoing basis to students accepted into TIAC Academy Painting and Sculpture programs. Applicants are strongly encouraged to complete the application process at the earliest possible date to receive acceptance. 

The Entrance Scholarship is based on the strength of the portfolio submitted as well as all application steps. The Admissions Office also takes each component of the application into account to determine the scholarship award amount. 

·             Portfolio Review (10 to 20 artworks)

·             A current copy of highest education or college transcripts

·             Artist/Student CV (listed all fine art previous and current education and related past experiences)

·             Letter of Recommendation (two or more letters of recommendation; letters can be submitted from individuals outside of the school)

·             Personal Statement (provide a one page, typed letter on why you seek a scholarship in BFA and what you hope to accomplish)

·             Motivational Interview (scheduled after first phase acceptance)


  • Send all documentation to tiacacademy@tiacg.com adding on the subject “Scholarship Application + your full name”

  • Scholarship recipients have 10 working days to pay the deposit (2.000€) to secure their spot at TIAC Academy. This amount will be deducted from the balance of the total fee.