The BA program in Sculpture establishes a framework that encompasses the material, historical and theoretical conditions of sculpture where students are supported to develop their own practice.

Sculpture includes figurative practice, object-making, public art and social practices, site and space, but rather than consider the specific manifestations of sculpture we prefer to think of position as a methodology from which to progress the production of art.

The Sculpture programme provides a structure that incorporates both individual and group tutorials. Critical reviews of student work are conducted consistently throughout the year, at the end of each term and we invite external guest artists to contribute to these discussions, mentoring students to develop their body of art. Our students are eager, determined, inquisitive, ambitious – actively defining their own terms in regards to the ideas and actualities of Sculpture.

Sculpture occupies a purpose-built studio space in Florence, alongside the painting programmes. Students have access to all specialist workshops across the Academy, including wood and metal workshops, spray rooms and our celebrated foundry, in which we facilitate casting with bronze, aluminium and iron. There are project spaces in which students can experiment with larger-scale production and display, as well as the practicalities of documentation.