Bachelor of Fine Arts (Sculpture or Painting)

Enrolment Requirements:

  • Minimum level high school diploma (or above)

  • Minimum level of English competence of B1 certified by an official institution (CEFR). In the absence of this, an interview will be required.

  • Portfolio (recommended):


While a strong portfolio is not a requirement of application, this is taken into account when places are limited

A portfolio that TIAC Academy would consider strong:

  • Primarily would indicate an aptitude for drawing : a sense of three dimensionality, the capacity for accuracy and some understanding of modelling form

  • Images that indicate the desire to carefully craft a composition

  • An understanding of colour in design and in terms of light

  • The capacity to model a proportional head or figure would be taken as an indication of aptitude for working in three dimensions.


  1st Academic Year 2nd Academic Year 3rd Academic Year Discounted cost for all three years paid upfront
B FA Painting 15,300 €

16,200 €

14,400 €

42,000 €
B FA Sculpture 15,300 € 16,200 € 14,400 € 42,000 €

Tuition fees for BFA students beginning Semester 1 in September 2019

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Tuition Fee Policy

  • For new students, a deposit of 2,000.00€ is due upon acceptance (This amount will be deducted from the balance of fees due)

  • The balance of the fees for the year will be due prior to the beginning of semester.

  • If we receive your cancellation notice prior to semester or within the first week of beginning class, we will issue a full refund on your tuition fees, minus the deposit of 2,000.00€. After this time however, the class fees will not be refundable.

pre-academic programme

enrolment requirements

Diploma Requirements: High school diploma (or above)


2,200 €

payable in one single payment prior to the start of semester