Richard Greathouse and Marty Welsh

Richard Greathouse and Marty Welsh



Richard Greathouse will be teaching the anatomical methods of the 19th century by making anatomical models and body sketching.

Richard and Welsh will teach anatomical principles and run through detailed knowledge points, so that students can gain the ability to plan their own self-study.

Greathouse and Welsh will also demonstrate and lead the students on how sketch a human body and how to make  an accurate human skeleton ecorchè sculpture with clay.



Dates: From August 5th to August 23rd 2019

Schedule: 9:30 am - 12:30 pm - Lunch break- 2pm - 5pm

Location: Chinese Oil Painting Academy, Beijing.

The workshop includes:

  • Teachers

  • Student anatomy notebook 

  •  Professional clay (Chavant NSP clay)

  • Ecorche sculpture frame 

  • Sculpture tools

  • Models 

  • Classroom venue 

Workshop price: 2.500€ 


Send us an email to specifying the workshops you want to participate in and your questions . We are happy to solve any doubt you may have and help you with the logistics of your trip.


We can help you to arrange accommodation.

Hotel room: 350 CNY (45,50€) per day

Mini studio (with fridge and washing machine, but no stove): 5.000 CNY (647,50€) per month

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